Petticoat Vintage-Retro

Petticoats and Crinoline in Every Color Under the Sun

About our Petticoats and Crinolines

Welcome to Our site Petticoat Retro Vintage, we are so glad you have arrived. We think you will be glad too :}

We are a small company with a big idea. We make stunning Vintage looking high quality,  petticoats and crinolines in America in colors and sizes that are not available anywhere else.   We offer vibrant colors, oh do we have colors.  As well, we have Black, White, Ivory standard colors.

Many of our petticoats and crinolines are in stock and ready to ship right out to you.  If you want a custom petticoat or crinoline, we can do it.TinaAnimalPrintBlackCrinolinePSSTYLEtextTinaPinkPEtticoatBlackDressSitStairsPSSTyletextPsstyleGoldLameCrinolineModelSitPsstyleCrinolineBlackGirlBedRebeccaAdkissontxtPsstyleBrideYELLOWFLOORLENGTHpetticoat



Our Petticoat and Crinoline slips come in many sizes and lengths.

Our Lengths start at 19″ which is mid thigh and above the knee.  Next is  at the knee length (22-23″)  , and below the knee length (25″).   Continuing on to tea length/  mid calf length (28″) and all the way to the floor (40″).

Our chiffon soft petticoats offer fullness in a soft swishy flounce. The bottom of the petticoat has either 1. Fluffy Ruffles, or 2. 3″ wide Lace

Our Crinolines offer a firm fullness and have satin ribbon edges at the bottom that look amazing under a dress. Generally, the crinoline is worn with Retro vintage Style Dresses from the Swing Dresses of the 1940’s and the 1950’s .   The 25″ Long Crinoline is usually the best choice for any dress that hits just below the knee.  If your dress is Tea Length / Calf Length, then the 28″ Long Crinoline or chiffon Petticoat is the correct choice.  For dresses above the knee, then our 19″ Long will be perfect.  If your dress or skirt is floor length, then you will need the 40″ Long Petticoat Chiffon or Crinoline

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