Petticoat Vintage-Retro

Petticoats and Crinoline in Every Color Under the Sun

Crinoline Knee Length


Our crinolines come in several lengths. Above Knee (19″L) –      At the Knee Crinoline (22-23″ L)  –     Below Knee  Crinoline (25″L)     –   Tea Length -Mid Calf Crinoline ( 28″L) We offer many crinoline  colors including:  Red, White, Pink, Black, Ivory, Dark Pink, Orange, Apple-Lime,  Yellow, Hot Neon Pink,  Mint, Turquoise, Peacock, Lt Blue, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Red-White-Blue, Black with White satin edge, Black w Red satin edge .  Pretty much every color under the sun.  Come over and see us now at Vintage Retro Petticoats Made in USA – Original  Vintage Patterns



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